dj superpaw

The Crowd Favorite

Bringing fun and good times to any event DJ SUPERPAW is the Crowd Favorite.

          "The life of the party" is an understatements when it comes to DJ SUPERPAW. Bringing fun and good times to any event, DJ SUPERPAW has been thrilling crowds for just about 20 years. Covering diverse music genres and incorporating that with like crowd experience, DJ SUPERPAW is set to make any event memorable.

           Based in New York (USA), DJ SUPERPAW was the founder of Lionpaw Movements, a collection of talented party djs whose focus was to cater to diverse genres and age groups. This collection of talented djs flourished in the Capital Region during the late 90's and early 2000s. 


          In 2006, DJ SUPERPAW relocated back to his hometown of Brooklyn, NY. He has made an immediate impact on the very diverse party scene in NYC. He has also had the pleasure of having a prime time on air radio shows on 4RealRadio and internet based, Savedadayradio with a strong international fan base. DJ SUPERPAW can currently be found on FreeUpRadio, Thursday Nights from 8pm-10pm. With hot topics and also displaying his unmatched mixing skill, this venture has afforded him the opportunity to travel across the US touring and exciting crowds every step of the way.

          In 2009, DJ SUPERPAW was invited to tour with Reggae Icons, Tanto Metro & Devonte. After the first tour, He was invited again in 2010 for a repeat performance. Since, he has become the official US tour dj for the veteran artistes.  Making stops in New York, Florida, North Carolina, Maryland/DC and more...

Tanto Metro, Devonte & DjSuperpaw

Currently, DJ SUPERPAW is the representing dj for Dimmie Joe Muzik.

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In 2014, DJ SUPERPAW joined with Lion Roar Entertainment. With his unique, "music first" style and seamless music blends, Super Paw has never let the beat stop. With this en devour, DJ SUPERPAW has performed along with top djs and Sound Systems from all over the world.